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Head Chef

With the ability to make the very best dishes out of the simplest ingredients such as a tomato, Fonzee is known for his passion and dedication to honest Italian cooking. This flame came to Fonzee at a young age of six and he hasn’t left the kitchen ever since, he can truly owe his success to his family for encouraging him to continue his way into the culinary world. His drive and passion only lead to his dream of professionally cooking at the age of 20. Growing up in the Richmond Hill area, Fonzee worked at numerous Italian restaurants perfecting his style and standard of cooking. He was also recognized by the Rogers Living Network for his notable cooking skills and jolly personality. This passionate work ethic has been carried over 35 years and his knack for delivering a delicious dish is only getting better. Every dish that leaves his kitchen illustrates a full spectrum of Italian aroma and taste. Fonzee is superb at introducing new and exciting dishes to his already five star menu. His signature dish the “Veal Masala” has been an all-time favorite that leaves you stuffed and happy.